4x Hitmonchan
4x Fossil Magmar
4x Scyther
2x Chansey (to take care of Alakazams and other haymkers w/double
edge, and stalling to get basics that can attack.)
<<There's some good pokemon in here, I like the new magmar he can poison
then use smokescreen to keep the opponent from attacking!>>


4x Gust of Wind
4x Energy Removal ( no supers, i cant waste my own energy)
4x Plus Powers
4x Bill
2x Energy Retrieval
2x Professor Oak
2x Item Finder
2x Computer Search
2x Scoop Up
<<Lots of great trainers, but 4 Bill and 2 Oak could deck yourself...hmmmm>>


8x Fire
8x Fighting
4x Double Colorless
(2x Energy Reteval)
<<Well, you have about 20 energy that's ok with a haymaker but we may want
to add more.>>

  I think instead of the 2 Chansey, 2 Hitmonlee would do better. Usually
when people use damage swap etc. they leave there pokemon on the bench so
his stretch kick would help ya out. There's 2 ways you can go with the
Bill/Oak mess, either make it 2 Bills or just take out 2 Oaks, it's your
choice. With the 2 open slots add 2 more fire energy. This gives you 22
energy, try it out!

Tuned Up:10

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: