I just got a whole bunch of fossil cards and decided to make a deck that
has a lot of them in it. I call it Fossil Mountain. Here's my deck

Pokemon 26
3 Fossil Gengar
3 Fossil haunter
4 Fossil Gastly
4 Alakazam
2 Kadabra
4 Abra
2 Mr. Mimes
2 Moltres
2 Chansey
                << Well you've made a pretty good deck, but some of the
ratios are off.>>
Trainers 10
3 Scoop Up
3 Pokemon Center
4 Pokemon Breeders
                <<Scoop Up will be useful for Mime and Chansey, and the
PokeCenters are a nice touch.>>
15 Fire Energy
9 Psychic Energy
               <<24 energy eh? Well for a deck that uses Moltres' Fire
Mountain I would at least add some retrievals.>>

The strategy of this deck is to get out a Moltres and fire energy to
do wildfire then retreat him for gastly and use energy conversion than swap
the damage back to a chancey the next turn. If I cant use this I can use
Gengars and Kadabras to KO there pokemon.
I know this probably won't get posted and I'm sending in to decks
could you try to reply to me. Thanks

  Your deck can't be helped too much, but let's give it a shot, take out 2
Breeders to add another Haunter and a Retrieval. It won't hurt you too bad
to leave it at 1 Mime beacause of Damage Swap so take him out to add yet
another retrieval. The two retreat cost for Moltres will make it hard to
retreat so here's some startegy. Use gastly's energy conversion for about 2
or 3 turns while you damage swap then spill it all out on Gastly. This way
you won't have to sacrifice 2 energy cards all the time to retreat Moltres.

Flat Out:7
Tuned Up:9

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