21 pokemon:
3 poliwags
3 poliwhirls
2 poliwraths
3 dratinis
2 dragonairs
2 seels
2 dewgongs
2 lickitungs
2 scythers
<<A cheaper evo to add is Golduck, his attack is exactly the same as
Dragonair's only it costs 2 water and 1 colorless.>>

25 energies:
6 double colorless
19 water
<< Problem, you can't add more then 4 Double Colorless to your deck, it
doesn't count as a basic energy card.>>

14 trainers:
3 energy removals
1 super energy removal
1 energy retrieval
2 switches
2 gust of winds
1 pluspower
1 defender
1 full heal
2 potions
<<Lots can go for more ERs and SERs which you'll need TRUST ME.>>

This deck does pretty good in battles if i get a few key pokemon to start
with.the strategy of this deck is to stall for a bit with pokemon like
scyther, lickitung,and dewgong and then destroy energy with poliwrath's
whirlpool and dragonair's hyper beam. along with some energy removals to
execute the plan.
i welcome any improvement.

Ok first of all take out the Dragonair line to add 3 Psyduck and 2 Golduck.
Next take out the Full Heal for another Seel making the Dewgong ratio 3-2.
On to your trainers, take out the Plus Power and Defender to add an ER and a
SER. Swap the Energy Retrieval for another GOW it'll help you K.O that
Venusaur energy transing all the energy you're trying to remove.

Flat Out:8
Tuned Up:9

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