hey my name is Justin, i made this deck, called ToxicSlash(is that
taken?)The main strategy is to get out scyther(s) at the begining of the
game and have them "hold down the fort" while you build up that awesome
Nidoking. and if they deside to take out a fire pokemon, one of the nido's
can surely handle it. when i get out my NidoKing, i toxic some pokemon and
use switch to finish them off. well, thanks for listning, here,s my deck:

Energy: (25)

3 Double colorless
22 Grass

Pokèmon: (13)

4 Nidoran (M)
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking

4 Scyther
<<You have a well organized deck, but you need more basics. I know Scyther
is powerful but still more pokemon are needed.>>

Trainers: (22)

3 Bill
2 Prof. oak
3 Plus Power
4 Switch
4 G.O.W.
4 E.R.
2 Comp. Searches.
<<This is what's eating up your deck, I recommend alot of trainers but many
of these you could sub out for pokemon.>>

Well, that's my deck, and i know it isn't much time, but could you please
post this before Saturday at 9:00 Am? i have a turney to go to then. Thanx

AquaBeast(my real name is Justin Audet, but please call me AquaBeast here)

Pokemon are needed, take out the 3 Plus Power and the 4 Switch, Scyther's
free retreat will make up for em. Add 4 Tangela to help out Scyther, and 2
Chanseys would help you in those emergency situations. As for your last open
slot take out 1 Bill to make room for a total 2 Pinsir.

Flat Out:8
Tuned Up:9

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: