This deck is a poison deck. The strategy is to stall with Lickitung until
you get Muk/Arbok pumped. Then send out either one and try to poison. If
poison isn't working, send out Graveler/Golem for heavy beatdown.
Pokémon: 22
3 Ekans
2 Arbok
3 Grimer
2 Muk
3 Lickitung
4 Geodude
3 Graveler
2 Golem
<<Hmm, you know who else is good at poisoning? Venonat to Venomoth, I've
play tested the Golem line and it's pretty hard to get some good attacks
going with them.>>

Trainers: 11
3 Energy Forward (get right energy)
2 Gambler (either don't deck or draw lots of cards)
2 Professor Oak (card advantage)
2 Switch (Golem's retreat cost just has to be 4, sheesh!)
2 Super Potion (Arbok's low HP)
<<Lots of useful trainers, but there's a couple else that could help this
deck, like Plus Power as instant poison attacks don't usually do much

Energy: 27
15 Grass Energy
12 Fighting Energy

  I think taking out the Golem line for a 3-2 Venomoth line. Not only does
Venomoth poison the opponent, he also CONFUSES it his attack is great. You
still have 4 open slots, so take out a switch and add Bulbasaur to Ivysaur.
Ivysaur has a great instant poison attack. I really think a total of 4 card
drawing trainers (2 Gambler and 2 Oaks) will get you in a bad decking
situation. Take out the 2 Gambler for 2 Plus Powers.

Flat Out:6
Tuned Up:9

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