18 Pokemon
3 machop
2 machoke
1 machamp
1 hitmonchan (if I had more I would add them)
4 bulbasaur
2 ivysaur
2 scyther
1 pinsir (I wish I had more)
2 farfetch'd (I have another farfetch'd that I want to add, but I don't
what to take out)
<<Well, you really need some more of the pokemon you don't have LOL.>>

23 Energy (I think I need more)
11 fighting energy
11 grass energy
1 double-colorless energy
<<Hmm, 23 is a bit risky I think I would go with 25.>>

19 Trainers (I need a lot of help with my trainers)
4 bill
4 energy removal
3 potion
2 super potion
2 pokemon trader
1 super energy removal
1 switch
1 gust of wind
1 plus power
<<You need to focus a little more on less trainers.>>
... well, that's my deck.
I call it... "The Superior Super-Duper Heavy-Hitting Pokemon of Power"

The strategy of my deck is to hit hard with the fighting pokemon, and the
scythers and farfetch'd. Bulbasaur is great and ivysaur's poisonpowder is an
effective move. The trainers help me stall and give me time to power up.
Tell me
what you think. Please help me with it in any way possible. thanx!!!

  If you really want to get this deck going quickly you need some more heavy
basics.  Swap out the switch for another Pinsir, and try your best to get
another Himonchan instead of the GOW. Take out the 2 S. Potions to add 1
more Fighting energy and 2 more Grass. Moving on to your trainers, SER, ER,
Oaks, and Potions help out alot with Haymakers. Take out the Plus Power for
an Oak, and swap out 1 Bill for another SER.

Tuned Up:8

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: