21 Lightning Energy
<<Hmm, I think I'd go with 25>>

3 Voltorb
2 Electrode
3 Eevee
2 Jolteon
2 Magnemite
2 Magneton
3 Electabuzz
3 Pikachu(2 Base set, 1 Jungle)
2 Riachu
1 Zapdos
<<Some of the ratios are ever so slightly off, but all in all it looks good,
you have alot of good Stage 1s and basics.>>

4 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Super Potion
3 Energy Retriaval
2 Pokeball
1 Scoop Up
1 Pokedex
1 Professor Oak
<<Some of these aren't needed.>>

   Your main problem is your energy and trainers. 21 isn't enough to sustain
all of your pokemon, take out one PokeBall, the Pokedex, and the two S.
Potions to add 5 more Lightning energy. Also take out the Energy Retrieval
to add another Scoop Up. They'll be useful with Zapdos.

Tuned Up:8

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