The point of this deck is to zap your oppents benched pokemon. Magnemite's
Self- destruct is great for this.( It's awsome with defender to keep it
and self destruct another time!) Also I can use the poke-flute to call up
opponent's weak pokemon and zap it from a distance again. Zapdos is in
for it's resistance to fighting pokemon. Here's the deck! Please help me fix
this deck to make it a winner!

26 lightning energy
3 Double colorless energy
1 zapdos
4 pikachu (jungle)
4 magnemite
1 magneton
4 voltorb (YUCK! only to get electrode)
2 electrode (jungle)
<<Your ratios are a bit off. Why just use Magnemite when you could use the
more powerful Magneton?>>

1 computer search
1pokemon trader
1 scoop up
2 defender
1 poke flute
2 prof.oak
2 bill
3 energy removal
2 gust of wind
<<TONS of these trainers aren't needed... pokeflute? I know this is part of
your strategy but there's better trainers you could add.>>

  Alrighty, first off your ratios aren't right. 4-1 is really strange, make
it 3-2 by swapping out a magnemite for a magneton. Take out one of the
Pikachus to add a BASIC set Electrode, his attack's great and you need some
more of that. On to your trainers, take out the Scoop Up and PokeFlute for
another Defender and Bill. Take out one of the E.R's for another GOW,
this'll help with Zapdos.

Tuned Up:8

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