Tri-color Haymaker by Will

Energy (26)
6 Lightning
10 Fighting
6 Fire
4 Double Colorless
<<This looks fine>>
Pokémon (15)
Fighting Pokémon:
4 Machop
1 Hitmonchan
<<Hmmm, looks like you have a bit of a card shortage, those 4 Machops should
be 4 Hitmons.>>

Colorless Pokémon:
3 Rattata
2 Farfetch'd
<<Rattata? He has an attack for 1 Colorless that does 20 dmg., but he only
has 30HP not much of a basic.>>

Fire Pokémon:
2 Magmar
<<Magmar=Good, but you need more>>
Grass Pokémon:
1 Scyther
Electric Pokémon:
2 Electabuzz
<<The Electabuzz' and the Scyther are a good addition, but there should be
more of both.>>
Trainers: (17)

4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
2 Prof. Oak
2 Gust of Wind
1 Scoop Up
2 Plus Power
2 Potion
<<Good, no problems here.>>

It looks like you have a card shortage, to make this deck tourney quality
you'll need to get those heavy hitters in there! Take out the Machops for
three Hitmonchans and another Scyther. Take out the Rattatas for two More
Magmars and another Electabuzz. Now, you've got a decent Haymaker.

Tuned Up:9

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