3 squirtles
1 wartortle ( I know I need more )
2 Blastoise
2 magicarp
1 gyarodos
3 seels
3 dewgongs
3 scythers ( only for the slash, plus incase someones got electric pokemon )
1 Kangaskhan
2 Dratinis
1 Dragonair
<<Hmmm, you really should focus on less pokemon, with this many it would be
very hard to get a decent strategy.>>

20 water
2 double colorless
<<You'll deffinatley need more with that many pokemon.>>

1 breeder
3 pokeballs ( no i dont have trader so this what i gotta use )
1 energy removal
1 Pokeflute ( used with gust of wind to bring out weak pokemon with no
so my heavy hitters can pick up an easy defeat )
3 gust of winds
2 oaks
1 super potion
4 bills
<<Once again, you need to focus on less Trainers. The PokeFlute would do
better as another GOW.>>

Jason Jason Jason. Your deck has some fairly good evos, but you don't need
alot of the cards you have. I realize you may not have the $$ to buy them so
maybe sell the cards I tell you to swap out. I know you don't have anymore
Wartortle, but you're deffinatley not gonna get Blastoise out very quick
with a 3-2-2 ratio (that includes the Breeder). First of all take out the
Gyrados evo to add another Seel, and Dewgong. With the extra space left over
get another Wartortle out there. Take out the Breeder for one more Wartortle
making the ratio 3-3-2. Now you need one more Squirtle, take out one of the
Dratinis to get another. Take out the Dragonair evo. to add 2 more Water
energy. Moving on to your trainers, take out the ER and the S. Potion for 2
more energy, then sub the Pokeflute for another GOW.


-Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: