"Firery Headaches"

4 jynx
3 gastly
2 hanuter
2 Mr. Mines
3 Charmanders
2 Charmelon
1 Charizard
2 vuplix
1 ninetales
1 magmar
<<Ok Gastly and Haunter just don't cut it. Gastly takes 2 COIN FLIPS TO MAKE
THE OPPONENT GO TO SLEEP. That means your opponent has to flip a heads for
it to work and at the end of your turn flip a tails to see if his pokemon
stays asleep. Haunters fairly good, but you're still relying on coin

3 potions
2 gust of wind
1 Computer sreach
3 S.E.R.
<<This is pretty good but you need more Comp. Searches and S.E.R will
devistate your deck too much. ER's will do you better.>>

19 Psy energy
11 fire energy

I was wondering if I should take out the Charizard and another card for a
clefariy and a clefable.thanks

Ah Gastly-Haunter the most un-reliable piece of crap evo ever made