4 Abras
3 Kadabras
2 Alakazams
1 Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mimes
4 Machops
3 Machokes
2 Machamps
3 Hitmonchans
1 Kangaskan
<<Alright, to use Alakazam to his full abilities you need a chansey or


2 Traders
2 Breeders
2 Potions
1 SuperPotion
3 Energy Retrievals
<<This is pretty good, the potions are a good touch for Alakazam's power and
the Breeders and Traders should work great.>>


12 Psychic
13 Fighting

------------TURI MENDOZA----------------

One word CHANSEY. Without Chansey in this deck you won't have many pokemon
to trans to, if you transed to a pokemon like Machop it would be pretty dumb
beacause you need him to get Machoke and Machamp out. Mr. Mime isn't good to
trans to beacause he has 40HP and MewTwo only has 60. So what you should do
is take out the Kangaskhan and the MewTwo (maybe sell em if you don't
already own or have money for more chanseys) to add 2 Chanseys. Now that
you've got that all patched up you should take out 1 of the Energy
Retrievals for another S. Potion.

Tuned Up:9