4 squirtle
1 wartortle
2 blastoise
4 magikarp
3 gyarados
2 chansey
2 jigglypuff
<<I see you have 2 Pokemon Breeders for Blastoise, good idea. But you better
go one way or another one Wartortle isn't doing much good, why not make more
room for more pokemon?>>

3 computer search
2 pokemon breeder
3 pokemon trader
1 scoop up
3 professor oak
3 bill
2 switch
<<Everything looks good but if you really want to put Scoop-Up into play
you'll need more then 1.>>

2 double colorless
23 water energy

most of this deck is self-explanatory, but a few things might need to be
covered. the jigglypuffs are for mime decks. i can either attack with them
put mr mime to sleep and eventually he will stay aslepe until my turn again
when i can attack with my big hitters. the scoop up is for chansey,
jigglypuff or as a last ditch effort to prevent a prize by my opponent. i
only have 3 oaks because 4 is really coming close to decking. plus, with the
computer searches, i can probably have one when i need it. i hope that
it. i hope you will respond and not delete this. thanks for your time.

  There's only a few minor adjustments needed for your Pokemon mix. One is,
either drop the Wartortle or the two Breeders for two more Wartortles. I
think just dropping the Wartortle would give you more speed therefore making
this a better deck. Use the space that Wartortle had for another Chansey. 
Take out 1 each of the Pokemon Traders, Comp searches and Prof. Oaks (even 3
can get you real close to decking). To add 2 more Scoop-Ups and another


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