2 Jynx
3 Mr. Mime
2 Hitmonchan
2 Electabuzz
2 Scyther
<<This looks fairly good, but Mr. Mime in a Haymaker? Mr. Mime deffinatley
isn't the best of attackers.>>

3 Bill
2 Oak
3 Switch
4 Removals
2 Computer Search
<<If you wanna get a great Haymaker you'll need more SER's. We'll find
somethin to swap for em =)>>

12 Psy Energy
9 Fighting Energy
9 Electric Energy
<<You probably should limit your Fighting and Electric energy a little more.
As you only have two of each type.>>

Basically this is a Haymaker. It works pretty well and i've never lost a
battle with it. (except once-one Mr. Mime Vs. 1 Hitmonchan)
There don't seem to be any energy problems, so im okay with that. but, i was
wondering if you had any other suggestions

  Mr. Mime shouldn't be here. Mr. Mime is not for the early game, that's
what Haymakers are designed for. Ok I know he deflects all damage 30+ but
most pokemon in the early game won't have that strong of attacks. Also his
attack is good but isn't good unless you pump it up on the bench, which you
don't really have time to do in a Haymaker. I would suggest swapping it out
for 2 more Jynx and another Hitmon. Your trainers need only to be changed
slightly. Take out the two Comp. Searches for 2 more SER's. I know I
recommend finders, but not in a Haymaker you have no evos whatsoever
therefore you don't need it.


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