Pokémon: 14
Hitmonchan: 2
Scyther: 2
Electabuzz: 3
Jigglypuff: 2
Wigglytuff: 1
Kangaskhan: 2
Farfetch'd: 2
<<Pretty nice, it looks like you're going for a Haymaker. Focusing more on a
couple different types would help.>>

Trainers: 21
Energy Retrieval: 2
Potion: 3
Switch: 1
S.E.R.: 1
E.R.: 4
Super Potion: 1
Bill: 3
Poké Ball: 1
Trader: 1
Oak: 2
Scoop Up: 2
<<Ok you really need to focus more on cards here, Energy Retrieval isn't
needed and neither is your 1 Pokeball or Switch.>>

Energy: 25
12 Lighting
10 Fighting
3 Double Colorless
<<No changes needed>>

  First of all, you may want to focus more on Hitmonchan, so take out the 2
Farfetch'd's to add two more. Next you're probably gonna want more Scythers
too, so swap out the 2 Scoop Ups for 2 more of them as well. Your pokemon
mix is pretty much set now, so we'll move on to the trainers. Take out the
S. Potion, Switch, PokeBall, and Trader for 3 SER's and another Bill. Oh
yes, I forgot take out the two Energy Retrievals to get those 2 Farfetch'ds
back in there.


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