Energy: 24

13 Psychic
07 Grass
04 DCE
<<This looks good.>>

Pokemon: 15

04 Scyther
02 Jynx
02 Mr. Mime
02 Lickitung
03 Jigglypuff
02 Wigglytuff
<<Nice, the mix is great.>>

Trainers: 21

03 Bill
03 Oak
03 PlusPower
03 ER
03 GoW
02 SER
02 Computer Search
02 Itemfinder
<<Three oaks is a little much for my taste.>>

I want to get another PlusPower and some switch in there but, I don't know
what to take out?
Slash+Pluspower+retreat+Meditate= a dead Blastoise, Venusaur, Arcanine,
Rhydon, Gyradoes..... Wigglytuff is for Late game clean up unless you get
him early. Lickitung to stall and against other Psychic pokemon. Mime
against the big guys. I am also making a variant for this deck called
[Sword Dancer ER] but thats another email.

  Pretty much your deck's doing good and doesn't need much tuning. However,
the strategy will take a long time to execute. If you used slash, and PP
then retreated for Meditate this would take you probably 2 turns or 3 turns
if you use Swords Dance. That isn't the problem but if you're relying on two
attacks this will take 6 energy that means 6 turns without Dbl. Colorless or
more if you get ER'd. But what about when Jynx is done meditating? Well Jynx
has a two card retreat cost which will take another two turns to get back.
Somewhere around here your gonna run into at least a minor energy drought.
Once you do your strategy would be in critical danger. Some switches would
help, use the now absent third prof. oak for 1 and take out the two
ItemFinders for one. I like itemfinder but it'll do better as a switch. So,
what you need to execute your strategy fully is a staller, you Jigglypuff is
fairly good at that and Lickitung is one of the best, so overall you have 5
which should be fine.

Tuned Up:8

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