3 Aerodactyl
2 Chansey
4 Hitmonchan
4 Magmar
2 Rhyhorn
<<Chansey really won't do you much good, as it takes it so long to get a
good hit off. A no-no for haymakers.>>

11 Fighting Energy
10 Fire Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
2 Bill
1 Comp Search
3 Removal
2 Retrieval
4 Energy Search
4 Mysterious Fossil
1 Poke Ball
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Prof Oak
1 Scoop Up
1 Super Removal
<<Some of these aren't needed, I found that Comp. Searches are almost NEEDED
in a fossil type deck we'll get some more in here.>>

My deck seems screwed up at first, but let me explain. The main point of the
deck is to get Aerodactyl out as soon as you can. With 4 Fossils, 3
Aerodactyls, and 2 Traders, I usually get one out by the fourth turn. As
as your bird friend comes out, start pounding your opponents with Hitmonchan
and Chansey. When Scythers come to resist Hitmonchan, just burn them with
Magmar. Rhyhorn works against Electabuzz, and the sickeningly cute Pikachu.
Seeing as that a Scyther can destroy Aerodactyl in one Slash, I always have
Fossil on my bench. Fossils also work as Clefairy Dolls, if your opponent
isn't using Grass.

Your deck has only minor problems, I'm assuming your Magmars are basic. If
they are go with Fossil, he's a very unexpected card and he really is great.
After you've poisoned your opponent use Smokescreen and give your opponent a
50/50 chance of hitting ya! Chanseys should go for 2 Hitmonchans he'll also
help you duke it out with Electabuzz. Let's take out the 2 Traders for 2
more Comp. Searches giving you 3. Next, take out the 1 PokeBall, and the 2
Retrievals to add 3 more SER. Finally take out 2 Energy Search to add
another Oak and another Scoop Up.

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-9

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: