4 double colorlesses
11 fighting energy
9 electric energy
4 electabuzz
3 scyther
2 hitmonlee
2 himonchan
1 chansey
1 ditto

stage 1:
2 aerodactyl
<<Looks good, but the Chansey and Ditto could be swapped out for something

4 plus power
3 mysterious fossil
2 scoop up
2 item finder
2 computer search
2 gust of wind
2 professor oak
4 super energy removal
<<All of these trainers are great, good going!>>

the point of this deck is to stop evolutions early by getting out aerodactyl
or computer searching for him and killing of my oppenents basics with
hitmonlee and electabuzz scyther and hitmonchan are used in the early game
kill low evolution incase aerdactyl is not yet ben evolved

Chansey isn't very good for haymakers, and Ditto is just well, THERE. So
let's swap em both out for another of each Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. After
that you're all set!

Pokemon/Trainer-10(Good job, you're the first!)
Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-9

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: