4 energy removal
4 super energy removal
4 itemfinders
4comp searches
4 recycles
2 professor oaks
3 bill
<<Alright, your deck is deffinatley great for energy devastation. Your
trainers are perfect for it.>>

3 scyther
4 magmar(fossil)
3 jigglypuff
3 charmander
3 koffing
<<With ER decks you want to get your prizes ASAP. So that means you want to
deal a whole ton of damage at once. Some of the pokemon here don't do

10 fire energy
10 grass energy
3 d.c.e
<<A LITTLE low, but see how it does.>>

to make the opponent LOSE THEIR ENERGY. I have only basics so I won't get
hurt by aerodactyl. i have itemfinders and recycle to get my energy

Mostly what needs to be changed here is your Pokemon mix. Some heavy damage
dealers are Chansey, Kangaskhan, and Pinsir. ERs will give you time to pump
up these heavy hitters. Let's take out all your pokemon except Scyther,
which gives you 13 spots. Add 4 each of Kangaskhan, Chansey, and Pinsir. You
still have 1 spot so let's use that to add another Grass Energy.

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-9

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