3 abra
3 kadabra
2 alakazam
3 charmander
3 charmeleon
2 charizard
4 chansey
2 electabuzz
<<Well I don't see why the Electabuzzs are here. Magmar's would be more
energy conservative. Your strategy will take a while but it just might work
if you can get some Chanseys out quick.>>

2 computer search
2 switch
2 gust of wind
2 gamblers
4 poke'centers
2 energy retrieval
<<I see you added some Switches, good thinking. I think some Breeders would
speed this deck up, maybe instead of GOW's.>>

4 double colorless energy
8 electric energy
12 psychic energy
<<Electro energy's gonna go, I think we'll make use of fire attacks instead
of Psychos.>>

My perpose is to have a charizard up front and to have an alakazam and some
chansey's on the bench and some poke'centers in my hand. This way charizard
can stay out there forever unless confronted by a blastiose or a mr. mime.
Thats why I have 2 electabuzz in this deck. It can also be played slow as a
stall deck. That is one of the reasons why I have gamblers in this deck. Do
need any changes?

Your deck is a bit topsy-turvy in the ratio area. 3-3-2 isn't the best
combination but I suppose it'll do. Take out the 2 Electabuzz to add 2
Fossil Magmar(good for stalling which you need for early game). Some
Breeders will get your deck up to speed. I think swapping out 2 GOW's for 2
Breeders will give you the edge.

Flat Out-5
Tuned Up-7

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