2x Pikachu (1 movie, 1 jungle)
2x Raichu (both original)
2x Zapdos (both original)
1x Zapdos (fossil)
2x Aerodactyl
<<If you're deck is based on a certain pokemon, you have to make that
pokemon evo or basic a...BASE. 2-2 for Raichu won't do, 4-3 would be good
4-4 would be better. Let's stick with 4-3 though, that should work well.
Also, how about for the 2 new pikachus we add just 2 jungle.>>

22x electric
6x water
4x double colorless
<<There really is no point in having water energy to retreat, why not just
add more Electric? Also, your energy rate is a little high for only 9
pokemon. We should probably lower it to about 28.>>

4x potion
4x switch
4x bill
2x mysterious fossil
2x defender
2x revive
1x Pokemon trader
<<Super Potion is what you need here, and I think we'll drop the defenders
for 'em.>>

I would start by evolving the Pikachu's into Raichu's, then I would use
Aerodactyl's Pokemon power to stop eveloution. I would battle using one of
the Raichu's, and two Zapdos. The other Zapdos and Raichu I would save
incase a really big hitter came in. I would use Raichu's Agility against
Mr. Mime decks, so Mr. Mime would take 20 damage and Raichu has a chance of
taking none on Mr. Mime's turn. Aerodactyl I have for the pupose of it's
Pokemon power, I don't plan to use them unless that is all I have left. I
would use Zapdos' Thunder until he is very low on hit points, then as a
final blow I would use a Thunderbolt. I would use fossil Zapdos in case
there is a big hitter on the opponent's bench, that way when it comes in it
will already have it points. The deck, though, is centered around the
Raichu's. I would mainly use Agility (I know that is running a risk),
then once in a while I would use a Thunder attack. If Raichu takes damage I
would use a potion to take some damage off. If a Raichu is knocked out I
would use a revive (Even if it only gains 1/2 HP back I don't see why
everyone thinks it is so bad). I would use the water energy and the
switches to get Pokemon on/off the bench, so I don't have to discard
electric energy. That is about it, thanks for taking a look and please
e-mail me back, thank you!

  As always Aerodactyl should NEVER be put in with other evos. unless you
have Scoop-Ups or Mr. Fuji in your deck. But to make this deck more based on
it's strategy just throw out the entire Aero evo. With the 4 new slots add 2
more pikachus(both jungle) and another Raichu. Also add another Fossil
Zapdos, mainly for his Resistance to Fighting which you'll need. Finally for
our pokemon mix, take out 5 Water energy to add 3 Voltorb and 2 Basic
Electrode. He'll help you get some damage off. On to your Trainers, take out
2 Defender for 2 S. Potion and a Bill for another Trader.

Flat Out-4
Tuned Up-7

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: