The Deck:
3: Hitmonchan
3: Electabuzz
3: Scyther
2: Chansey
<<Ok once again Chansey just doesn't work in haymakers. Your others are

4: Energy Removal
3: Super Energy Removal
2: Computer Search
2: Professor Oak
4: Plus Power
4: Energy Search
3: Gust Of Wind
2: Switch
1: Potion
<<Wow, some good trainers here...and some bad ones. Potion and energy search
are some.>>

11: Fighting Energy
9: Electric Energy
4: Double Colorless Energy
<<From my understanding(AND BRIAN BROKAWS) Dbl. Colorless only works as
COLORLESS energy. So it would only work on a colorless attack.>>

Let's cut to the quick, swap out the Chanseys to add 2 Fossil Magmars, 70HP
will keep him up there. Swap out a potion and your energy searches to add 2
more fossil Magmars. You still have 3 slots open, use em to add 1 more of
each of your other pokemon. Now you have 16 pokemon with 70HP LOL! Let's
perfect your trainer mix, most of your  pokemon have low retreat costs so
swap out the 2 Switch for another GOW and SER. Finally Comp. Searches aren't
needed in haymakers swap both of them out for 2 Fire energy. Oh yes, let's
make the 4 dbl. colorless 4 Fire and swap out 2 Fighting for 2 more fire
energy making your total 8.

Flat Out-9
Tuned Up-10

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