1. Stall (preferably w/ Electabuzz), get out Raichu w/3 Energy or
Ninetales w/2
2. Stall w/ agility + lure until I get another Riachu/ Ninetales/
3. Unleash Fire Blast/ Fire Spin/ Thunder while powering up another
Riachu/ Ninetales/ Charizard
4. Draw 6 prizes in about 8 turns :-)
Here's the deck:


1 Fossil Magmar (Place holder for #4 Electabuzz)
3 Vulpix
2 Ninetales (I might want another)
3 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
1 Charizard (Please don't take out!)
<<Charizard, ah Charizard. I would take em out but it looks like you have a
pretty good strategy for him. Although your strategy could do much better if
you used better stallers.>>

3 Electabuzz
4 Jungle Pikachu
2 Riachu
1 Fossil Raichu
<<Electabuzz really isn't good for stalling, in fact he's downright bad. Why
don't we go look for someone else?>>

2 Prof. Oak
4 Bill
3 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Energy Removal (for those MullieMew decks)
<<SER is a good addition, but why add just 1?>>

15 Fire Energy
13 Electric Energy

Ninetales + Charizard= Fire Spin+Fire Blast=3 discarded energy=Not Good.
Plus the odds of you getting both out at the same time are very slim with no
finders. Let's take out the Ninetales evo.(I would take out Charizard, cause
I like Ninetales batter but you specifically told me not to ;) and expand
Charizard's, add another Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard making the
ratio 4-3-2. You still have 2 more spots, use them to add 2 Comp. Searches.
Take out yer Electabuzz's to add 1 Fossil Magmar, not only can he stall with
Smokescreen he can also do some good damage with smog. Then add 2 Chanseys,
a basic staller which will do you good while you pump up Charizard and or
Raichu. Let's focus a little more on the Charizard evo, take out the Fossil
Raichu and one Pikachu to add 2 Switch(use this to retreat Charizard after
he's attacked).

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-8

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