this is a water deck have never tried before.
so i need u to rate itand tell me wat improvments to make
thanks =)


24 Water Energy


3 staryu
2 starmie
3 goldeen
2 seaking
3 seel
2 dewgong
3 poliwag
2 poliwhirl
1 polywrath
<<You have some fairly good pokemon mixed in here, but the Goldeen to
Seaking evolution won't do you any good. Goldeen's too weak, Seaking is
decent but there's better>>


3 potion
2 super potion
2 Gust of Wind
4 bill
4 energy removal
<<Nice but a finder or two would help alot.>>

Alright, this deck needs some more heavy hitters like Gyrados or Blastoise.
This deck has some good Rain Dancing potential as Poliwrath goes great with
those types of decks. If you were to boost your Poliwraths to two and add
the Blastoise evolutions (4-3-2) this deck could do great! To do this swap
out the Goldeens, Seakings, Staryus and Starmies. You should also swap out
the two Super Potion (they may mess with the Energy in the deck) for two
Pokemon Traders. And Dbl. Colorless Energy could never hurt.

Strategy: 5
Flat-Out: 4
Tuned Up: 9

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