Hi I have been working on this deck for a while. I haven't had a chance to
take it to a tourney but I might be able to soon. If you could give me the
changes I should make it would be greatly apprieciated

here is my deck:

10 Grass/ 7 water/ 4 Pyscic (executor)

2 Bulbasaur
1 Venuasaur(Pokepower-use with pokecenter good hitpoints)
2 Executor (great attacks)
2 Syther (good starter)

The grass Pokemon are here because lots of pokemon are weak to grass
2 Seel
1 Dewgong (good attack strong hitpoints)
2 Magikarp
1 Gyrados (strong attacks good hitpoints)
<<Hmm, maybe you should get rid of the Magikarp to Gyrados and add more to
the Dewgong group. Also more then Venusaur would help as this is one of the
cards your decks seems to be based around.>>

Water pokemon are here to counteract grasses weakness

2 JigglyPuff
1 Wigglytuff (good attacks)

2 Gust of Wind
1 Poke Trader
1 Item Finder
1 Maintence (incase I am running real low on cards and and need to add a
2 Super Potion
2 Energy removal
2 energy retrieval
1 Comp Search
1 Prof Oak
2 Bill
2 Switch
1 Pokecenter
<<You have alot of trainers you should focus more on the ones that are key
to your deck like Pokemoncenter.>>

    This deck would be much better if you focused on your two heavy hitters
Dewgong and Venusaur. First of all take out your Gyrados family (Dewgong has
almost the same attacks for less) and add 1 more seel and 2 more Dewgong
(making it 3-3). Now you really need more Venusaur take out the 4 psychic
energy, Exeggutor's psy attacks aren't needed and to get a good attack with
him you should evolve him on the bench. With the 4 extra cards add 2
Bulbasaur, 1 Ivysaur and 1 Venusaur. Now all that's left is your trainers,
you really need work here. You have to concentrate on the trainers you
really need (like Pokecenter finders, and switch.). First of all take out
the two S. Potion and add 2 PokeCenters. Then take out the 2 GOW's and the
Maintenance. Now make the Poke Traders 3 and Comp. Searches 2. There you
have it you should be all set!


    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: