>I'm building a deck called "HydroPunch" I haven't tried it in any matches
>yet. Here it is:
>Pokemon    11
>2x   squirtle -Needed for blastoise
>1x   blasoise -Pokemon power
>2x   magikarp -Needed for garydos
>1x   garydos -Dragonrage
>1x   rhyhorn -Early staller (leer)
>1x   hitmonchan -Quick attacker
>2x   spearow -Needed for fearow
>1x   fearow -Agility
>1x   kangaskhan -Staller if needed
><<Some of these cards aren't needed you should concentrate more on the
>Blastoise and Gyrados evolutions.>>
>Energy    25
>14x water
>6x   fighting
>5x   dbl. colorless
><<Nice, but you can't have more then 4 Dbl. Colorless it's not a basic
>energy card.>>
>Trainers    24
>4x   switch -Switch off pokemon
>4x   Bill -Get more cards
>3x   trader -Get blastoise or garydos if needed
>4x   super potion -Regain health
>4x   com. search -Get trainers
>2x   breeder -Evolve squirtle
>2x   plus power -So blastoise can kill electabuzz,hitmonchan,scyther, in 1
><<I like Switch but you don't need 4 you should swap out many of these cards
>for pokemon.>>
>My strategy is to get hitmonchan and rhyhorn out early while i evolve the
>water pokemon on the bench.I put kangaskhan and fearow on the bench. I use
>the com. searches to get the breeder,trader,super potion,or plus power if
>needed. Should i put in farfetch'd instead of the spearow>>fearow line?
>Please tell me what needs to be changed. Thanx.
>   From your decks looks it seems that you're short on cards. You
>deffinatley don't need all those trainers, i would suggest you take out 2
>Switch, 1 S. Potion, and 1 Com. Search. This will give you much more space
>for pokemon which you need much more of. The main thing you should change is
>the Blastoise and Gyrados evolutions. Make it 4-3-2 for Blastoise and 3-2
>for Gyrados. Also take out the breeders and add Wartortles Bite is great.
>OVERALL RATING (Scale of 1-10)
>Strategy 7
>Flat-Out Rate (how good the deck is before tune-up) 4
>Tuned Rate (how good the deck's potential is with tune-up) 7
>    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: