My brother has a grass deck.  I think I just want to make this deck better
against electric and grass decks.  The way I lost to my brother was i decked
myself with Oak's.  My idea was to replace Oak's with Imposter Oak's.  What
do you think? please reply.

My deck is:

3 Blastoise
3 Chansey
3 Gyarados
4 Magikarp
4 Squirtle


3 Computer Search
3 Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Breeder
1 Pokemon Trader
3 Professor Oak
2 Switch
3 Super Energy Removals


23 Water Energy

My name is Bryan.  Please fix up my deck!


If a Raindance deck has no Oaks, it WILL NOT win against a good deck. Oaks
are the life blood of almost every deck, and Raindance needs them the most.
Electric Grass decks are specifically geared toward beating a Raindance, and
even if not, a Raindance will have a terrible time. When I here about
Raindance v/s Electric Grass I always think of when my friend made a deck
specifically to beat my Raindance. The game we then played was the absolute
hardest in my life (plus I wanted to beat him SO BAD). My starting hand
consisted of 2 Squirtles, 5 water energy.... My friend was somewhat better
off with a Electabuzz as active. I knew my only chance was to get good flips
until I got something else. I Bubbled on and on for over 10 turns, drawing
only 2 more Squirtles, 5 Water energy, and 2 ERs (which had little effect on
the relentless buzz). I lost had lost 3 Squirtles my the 15 or so turn,
getting only Karps to defend the last pssible chance for a Blastoise. After
only going on 3 more turns before all I had was the Squirtle, I was sure I
was going to lose. He had taken 3 prizes, I, only 1 (I KOed the Buzz aroung
the 18th turn, but met up with his other;-ţ). But a tiny sliver of hope
shown like the sun through the ominous clouds of assured doom, that came in
the form of of a Professor Oak that I drew right when I needed it. I knew
then my luck was about to change, I played it, and drew the most BEAUTIFUL
hand I had ever seen. A Blastoise, Breeder, Magikarp (the last), Gyarados,
an Oak, and the rest water energy. I knew then I could come back, but I had
to get just the right cards when I Oak again. I did the obvious, evolved
into Blastoise using Breeder, layed down the Karp, dropped all the water on
it and finished off his Buzz. But to my amazement, his cute, EVIL little
Pikachu was evolved into a Raichu, which Thunderbolted my Blastoise into
oblivion. But he was in worse shape than he realized, or at least from my
point of view, he had many weak Basics on his bench, ready for a GOW. I
evolve the KArp, Oak, and get nothing spectactular. As I remember, just a
super potion, some energy, a Kangaskahn, and an SER. I guess I used up all
my miracles on that first Oak. Well I make due, I SER the Raichu, Bubblebeam
and get heads. His turn went bad, had NO energy (none that he played
anyway). He signaled to me that it was my turn. I draw a Bill (finally get
some), played Bill, got another and an energy, played that one, and ended up
with a Breeder and Wartortle. The one energy went to Kangas, and finished
the Raichu. I got my Pokémon Center as a prize, but couldn't afford to use
it (I wasn't sure how much energy I had used already) It was late in the
game, only about 15 turns til I decked. The next couple of turns went pretty
much the same, KOed some weak Basics, GOW some ones he tried to build up,
and ERd the the Butterfree he was attemping to build. That didn't last too
long, and he finally got enough Grass on the flying behemoth to attack. He
Drained my Gyarados, and left it with only 20, I had no choice but to
retreat (we both only had 1 prize left). By then I had my Kangaskahn with 4,
and tried to get lucky with Comet Punch. I did and GOT ALL HEADS (I guess I
had one miracle left). When I gathered my cards together, I found that I
only had 2 cards in my deck. I could have easily lost that game. And you
know what won it for me? OAKS plain and simple. As for your deck, dropping
all of the Oaks will mean certain death. I would drop 1 Oak (2 is all I
use), 1 ER and SER, and get yourself 3 Bills. Bills are great. They get what
you need usually, and the don't run you out like Oaks. As far as protection
damage, and draw you cards if you are into bad trouble.