>     Here's my deck called hit and run and hit again. I just thought of it
>last night and made it in 5 minutes so don't laugh if it sucks. I thought
>might be a good strategy since most good grass pokemon have no retreat
>cost.(The exception is Venasaur.) So I thought what the heck. Any way the
>idea is to get out Scyther then retreat and bring out the others for a
>of quick hits. Then use pokemon center to take away damage. Well here's the
>Pokemon: 24
>   4 Bulbasaur
>   3 Ivysaur
>   2 Venasaur ( Big hitter and pokemon power)
>   3 Caterpie
>   2 Metapod
>   1 Butterfree ( Hit and run)
>   3 Venonat
>   2 Venomoth ( Hit and run)
>   4 Scyther ( Hit and run)
>Grass energy: 20
>Trainers: 16
>   4 Pokemon center ( Heal em and do more damage)
>   3 Swich (To retreat Venasaur)
>   2 Pokemon trader (Get the right pokemon)
>   2 Comp. Search
>   2 Prof. Oak
>   3 Bill
>It needs work, but that's why I sent it in. Thanks for any help. You rock!

This deck is great. I love it. I had a deck similar once, kinda hit and run
strategy. Except for BIG Pokémon, I had Nidoking to Toxic, switch next turn,
and stall/er til it died. Didn't work too very good, but I thought it was
cool. Anyway, this deck is great (already said that). The hit and run idea
if you can poison. Hit, poison, then hit again or stall. It also good to
bring in a fresh Pokémon every turn or so and even out the damage. Anyway,
hit and run is a good strategy. In your deck, all your hit and runners have
70 HP, which is great. I don't know if you realized this, but that means
that the only attacks that can KO them in one turn are 70+ attacks, which
are not common. The most common high attack is 50 or 60, which cannot do in
a 70HPer in one turn, giving you the chance to run. The Pokémon Centers are
so good with Venusaur, you can heal all you Pokémon without losing one
energy. Also, you can run low energy with Venusaur as well (I see you are
only running 20). 20 energy should only be ran in a deck with Venusaur or in
a small sized Raindance. The only thing I see that needs work in this deck
is your Trainers. You need some Breeders for sure, and maybe 1 or 2
Itemfinder to get back a Center or Oak when you need one. This is one to be
wreckoned with.