Please post this in deck garage.
>  i want to show you my grass/fighting/colorless deck and i want to know
>if its worthy of a tournament.(it usually beats my friends)
>by the way ive never played in any tournament.
>here it is:
>2 scyther
>1 pinsir
>1 hitmonchan
>4 machop
>2 ryhorn
>1 onix
>3 kangaskhan
>3 farfetch'd
>1 snorlax
>2 switch
>2 gust of wind
>1 bill
>3 energy removal
>2 super energy removal
>1 prof. oak
>1 comp. search
>19 fighting
>5 grass
>6 fire (for colorless requ.)
>when i built this deck, what i had in mind was NO EVOLUTION
>this would give me one less thing to worry about and i would like to
>keep it that way- so please dont tell me to put in any evolution.
>i build a lot of decks, and i needed some grass energy for a mono
>grass,  so thats why theres fire energy.well i hope thats enough info on

One of the biggest misconceptions in Pokémon today is the widely accepted
idea that evolutions are bad. Evolutions are great! Stage 1s and 2s are most
often the strongest Pokémon. Not that basics suck or are weak, it's just
that evolutions can be used very effectively if done right! Just take a look
at Raindance decks! Raindances are one of the most successful dec designs
(and one of my favorites) is based around Stage 1s and 2s like Blastoise,
Gyarados, and Poliwrath. My favorite deck type is the Overgrowth Startegy. I
can use it very effeciantly, and deadly. With the right trainers, evolutions
can completly destroy Haymakers. But anyway, if you don't like 'em I'm not
going to push it. The Grass looks good, you might want to try some more
Scythers though. The Fighting needs some work. I'd lose the Ryhorns for as
many Hitmonchans as possible. Also try a Chansey instead of the Onix, I find
they work much better, even early in the game! Lose 1 or 2 Kangaskahns,
there're just too fat to have alot in there. You'll need that space for more
trainers. The trainers need alot of work. Get 4 bill, 2 Oak, and maybe a
Scoop Up or 2. Try and keep as much of the other stuff you can as possible,
it'll work out good. Drop some Energy (not much) to make room if necessary.

                     Jeremy  Woods
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