>Jeremy, I have a deck that needs to be rated.  I don't know if it any good
>because I have never been in a tournament.I only play against friends
>decks. . Here is my deck
>4 abra
>2 Kadabra
>2 Alakazam
>4 Chansey
>4 Charmander
>2 Charmeleon
>2 Charizard
>24 Pys energy
>3 Energy Retrieval
>3 Bill
>2 Professor oak
>4 Pokemon Centers
>2 Computer search
>2 Pokemon Breeders
>Usually with this deck I start of with Chansey and using scrunch for a
>while. Chansey gives me enough time to build a Charizard. The good thing
>about the Charmander family is that it can go in any type of deck.  I
>usually have an Alakazam on my bench along with anouther Chansey.  Almost
>all the damage dealt to Charizard is given to the Chansey on the bench( I
>have to hope that the other person doesn't have a Gust of Wind).  If i'm
>running out of energy all I have to do is use Oak
>or Energy retrieval.  I use the pokemon centers on Chansey.  I put as much
>damage counters on Chansey as possible and then I use pokemon center.  I
>use the breeders on Charmander or abra to bring out Charizard or
>Alakazam(Preferably on Abra because a Charizard needs as much time to build
>up as possible, and Alakazam Damage Swap helps out alot by transfering any
>damage on Charizard to a Chansey. Is there anything I should add/take out.
>What would be a good name for it.
>My name is Louie
>email- trulock@ccomm.com

This deck seems very impressive. I've seen a few decks that use
Alakaxam/Charizard, but none of this quality. This deck is very straight
forward. It doesn't have 20 different Pokémon in it, and hardly any
unnecessary cards. The only problem with this strategy, as you pointed out,
is the possibility of disruption. A disruption deck can be very... well...
disruptive!!! GOW, ERs, SERs, and even bench damaging Pikachus and
Electrodes would pose a dangerous threat. If you have a Chnsey with 110 on
it, and no Centers, a simple Pikachu
could Spark it for an easy prize. But that rarely would happen since most
decks aren't based on a Total War (what I call bench destroying) strategy
yet. Ok, as for this deck, the only thing I would do is drop some Psychic
energy, about 4, and get 2 Switches and 2 Scoop up. The Switches will help
combat the GOWs, and Scoop Ups can serve as Switches if necessary, and will
help with the damage disposal. You might want to try what I call emergency
Pokémon. Farfetch'd, Scyther, Kangaskahn, Pokémon that can hold their own in
many different situations if you can't get your strategy rolling. Scyther
would be good to combat some Water Pokémon, and Kangaskahn would help stop
Psychic Pokémon that could be a real nasty opposition to some of your own
Psychic. This deck should do very good, just watch out for Raindance and Mr
Mime, they will be your biggest problem.

                     Jeremy  Woods
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