>This is my psychic deck with a little help from hitmonchan and some
>friends. This deck has done okay like my other psychic decks. The
>and colorless are to help balence out those pesky colorless resistence to
>psychic pokemon. Please post this one up. I could really use the help.
>Psychic Pokemon
>Abra x4
>Kadabra x3
>Alakazam x2
>Jynx x2   (I got another one if necessary)
>Mr. Mime x2 (Got another one of these too)
>Fighting Pokemon
>Hitmonchan x2
>Colorless Pokemon
>Dratini x3
>Dragonair x2
>Chancey x2
>Pokemon Center x2
>Bill x3
>Scoop Up x4
>Professor Oak x2
>Switch x3
>Energy Retrieval x2 (probably don't need this right?)
>Psychic x12
>Fighting x7
>Double Colorless x3
>(I think I'm lacking energy)
>                                                Pojo Rocks!!!
>                                                        Jonathan Weng

Okay, if you want to rely that much on hitmonchan then you should use more
than two, take out a switch and a bill and add two more hitmonchan. Now take
out a psy energy and add another fighting, then take out a dratini and
dragonair and add another fighting and a pokemon breeder. You wold probably
want to play test with another double colorless and more breeders. See you
all later!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...