I gave you my deck before, and you've helped me add some good changes. So
pleez see my deck again. Thanks.

Here's my Deck

The Haylo

3xHitmonchan- A very good fighting pokemon. Very fast, very quick, perfect
for a haymaker deck.

3xElectabuzz- A good electric pokemon. Fast too.

3xScyther- A new-and-improved Fafetched. Free retreat cost!

2xChansey- Has a LOT of life. Combined with Scoop-Ups, they are so hard to
kill. Also has a good suicide attack.

4xEnergy Removal- Other trainers get so frusrated when you remove their

4xSuper Energy-Removal- Two for one is a good deal. This is a good card.

4xBill- This card is good. It can save your butt in games sometimes. It's
always a good idea to have four in any deck.

2xProfessor Oak- A good card if not misused. If it is, you can easily deck

2xScoop-Up- An essential for any haymaker deck. Just Scoop-Up a dying
or a hurting Hitmonchan and put him down again as good as new.

3xEnergy-Retrieval- A very, very useful card if used at appropriate times.

2xItem-Finder- An Energy Retrieval for cards other than energies.

2xComputer Search- Also very useful when needed.

19xBasic Energies- Duh..

4xDouble Colorless Energy- Two energies in one! Only counts towards
needs though.

Okay, make 9 of those energy electric and 10 of them fighting. Now take out
2 energy retrievals and add 2 plus power, now take out a super removal
(discarding) and add another plus power. This deck is pretty much perfect,
you don't really need anymore help, so that's all I'll give, see ya!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...