>Hey, just made myself a new deck. It is part stall part whoop arsk. It
>been in any tourney yet, so I was hoping U could help me with it. It's main
>attacker is Nidoking, and use barrier or Mr.Mime until Toxic kills your
>Here it is.
>(No Name)
>1xNidoking (mainly 4 toxic)
>2xJynx(to whoop arsk)
>2xMew2(to stall)
>2xMr.Mime(to stall)
>1xAlakazam(to stall)
>10xGrass Energy
>12xPhycic Energy
>4xGust of Wind
>2xPokemon Center
>4xPlus Power
>2xComputer Search
>Please Help my deck, and give it a name.
>P.S- if this is posted then I want not only Griffin, but all the readers,
>send suggestions.

Hey rage161616 (if you don't mind I'll just call you Rage) how yu been doin?
Okay, well, on to your deck. You got the idea from the "Not So Killer
Reports" section didn't you, I made up a deck with a similar idea and
realized that it wasn't TO good. SO forget that idea and just make it a
regular grass/psy deck, k? Okay, so take out the two defenders, they just
don't work, and add 2 super energy removal, now take out the plus powers
(they only really work well with haymakers) and add another alakazam,
nidoking, and 2 mr mimes. Okay, so that's it, see ya!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...