>My Deck is a kinda typical Haymaker, and I've revised and edited this deck
>over and over, but I can't think of anything else to do with it. Pleez help
>the Haylo
>4 Hitmonchans
>4 Electrabuzzes
>4 Scythers
>4 Energy Removals
>4 Super energy removals
>4 Bills
>2 Pro. Oaks
>4 Scoops-Ups
>3 Energy-Retrievals
>2 Computer Searches
> 11 Fighting
>10 Electric
>4 Double Colorless

Okay, I personaly wouldn't play 4 scoop ups, why don't you take out 2 and
add 2 item finders. I have also learned another thing playiing MANY
different haymakers: NEVER use 4 hitmonchan/scyther/buzz, take out 1 of each
and add some lickitungs or chanseys, either will work. Now take out 2 energy
retrieval and add 2 plus power. That'll be about it for your deck,  see ya
next time!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...