>Hey Griffin, it is Rage161616 again. Awhile ago I was talking to a friend
>mine about strategy when he mentioned an idea of a Offensive AND Defensive
>Deck. So I made a partial stall, partial Ko deck. The Idea is to stall
>U get raichu and zapdos powered up, then surprise your opponent when U
>on there punny basics, that they used to damage Mime. This may not be as
>as some of my others, but I wanted to try it out. Tell me what U think.
>10 Electric
>16 Psychic
>3 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>1 Alakazam
>2 Mr. Mime
>1 Chansey
>2 Pikachu
>1 Raichu
>1 Mewtwo
>1 Zapdos
>4 Bill
>1 Oak
>2 Poke Center
>2 Scoop Up
>2 GOW
>2 Switch
>1 Trader
>2 CPU Search
>2 Energy Removal
>2 Super ER

What I've learned is to NOT use zapdos, and only 1 won't help you much
either. If you want a BIG basic jst use kangaskhan, take out the zapdos and
add a kangaskhan. Now take out 4 psy energy and add 2 electric, another
raichu, and pikachu. Now take out a bill (don't want too many with kazam
decks) and add another alakazam. You might want to experiment with more
chanseys, but that's all I'll help ya with for now, see you later!

Griffin Branham
branfam@gte.net (me email will be changing in a few days so get this one out
of your head)
Until next time...