>I don't know if you have this combo on your site yet, but I have a few
>questions about my deck.  Here is my deck:
>//NAME: Psyshock
>        2 Defender
>        2 Bill
>        1 Pokedex
>        2 Pokeball
>        2 Super Potion
>        1 Professor Oak
>        1 Gust of Wind
>        2 Tauros
>        1 Exeggutor
>        2 Exeggcute
>        3 Pikachu
>        2 Scyther
>        2 Haunter
>        1 Kadabra
>        2 Abra
>        3 Gastly
>        1 Mewtwo
>        2 Mr. Mime
>        12 Lightning Energy
>        16 Psychic Energy
>I've been playing over the net using aprentis and this deck, I've played 2
>games so far, one i got a bad hand vs a haymaker, the next i wipped a
>waterblast deck with my dual mr mimes.  Any sugestions to my deck would be
>appreciated as this is close to the real deck i'm using in real life (1
>holo scyther and mr.mime, 1 normal of each).  Thanks in advance.

Thsi deck is too unorganized, take out all the gastlys and hainters, and add
in another kadabra, abra, alakazam, and two more bills. Take out the two
defenders and pokedex and add 3 energy removals. Now take out the super
potions and add another gust of wind and a super energy removal. Why in the
world would a deck have three pikachus and no raichus??????????? Take out 2
psy energy and add 2 raichu. Exeggcte and exeggcutor don't work very well on
only psy energy, take out all of them and add 2 switch and a computer
search. Now take out the pokeball for anoher computer search and your done!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...