>Hello Griffin, just got back from the Tourney at PPF and guess what my
>was...... 6 wins 2 losses!!! That isn't perfect but it is pretty close. I
>have made a new pure grass deck, but I don't know if I should use it or
>Can you please fix it and rate it. I am not good at making mono decks
>usually, but this one came to me in a Dream (Believe it or not)!!! So I
>fiqured it was worth a shot at trying it at the tournement when I go again.
>So, I decided to e-mail it to U because I think U are the best deck
>no offense Chipmunk, Woods, and Tyler.
>So without any more sucking up :o)
>Here is NEW GRASS!!!!!!!
>2xJungle Scyther
>1xRocket Scyther (Japanese. Very powerful)
>23xGrass Energy
>2xSuper Potion
>2xComputer Search
>1xProf. Oak
>Thanks for your time,

Okay, forget my last email, I had more time than I thought. Okay, most decks
now adays rely on speed, take out  the 2 super potion and add 2 pokemon
breeders. How did you get to use Jap. cards in the tourney? Oh, well if you
ever play in a DCI tourney(maybe you did) they probably won't let you. If
they don't, take it out and add another oak. Now take out you want more
nidokings and venusaurs, take out an ivysaur, nidorino, and a GOW and add
(try to at least) 2 more venusars and a bubasaur. Since this deck looks like
it relies on energy trans you wanted the two more venusaurs and maybe some
chanseys, take out, the 2 super potion (my deck uses NO healing cards and it
works  great) and add 2 chanseys. Now, I said you needed another nidoking so
try to take out a plant energy for one. That should do it! Keep the decks
coming in!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...