Hello Griffin, It is me again. Rage161616. I made a new deck ( but if you
>don't want to here about it you can delete it now) It is called Small
>Soldiers. It is based on The Anti-Haymaker idea, with some of my
>adjustments:o) It is Phycic Fighting and Colorless, they block each others
>weaknesses. I have done very well playing it over the internet. I decided
>send this deck to you for some fine adjustments for the up comeing
>at Past Present Future. All the other decks you helped did excelent in
>Well here is my Small soldiers deck:
>12xFighting Energy
>12xPhycic Energy
>3xDouble Colorless Energy
>2xSuper Potion
>1xPokemon trader
>2xGust of Wind
>Just in case you need to now about hitmonlee
>Extension kick two fighting 20 damage to bench
>High Jump Kick three fighting 50 damage.
>Ok ther is my deck, the strategy is to destroy your opponents weaker basics
>with your super powerful ones. Mr.Mime and Mew2 are for the big dudes.
>Thanx for your time,
    Good to hear from you again Rage161616, your decks are great, keep em
comming. If you want hitmonlee use fossil raichu, he does 20 or 30 to active
and 10 to 3 benched pokemon of your choice. Make the deck fighting/electric.
Take out all psy energy and add electric. Now take out all mewtwos and mr
mimes and add and add 3 pikachu and 1 fossil raichu. Now take out all four
potion and add another raichu and 2 more hitmonlees. With one slot add a
computer search. Now take out all machops and add 2 more hitmonchan. Take
out all 4 farfetch'd (ask Tyler Grund, I don't want to explain it again) and
add 2 scythers (work just as goos) and 2 plus powers. Drop the clefairy for
a chansey too. See you later rage161616, and remenber to keep sending in
your decks!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...