>25 Grass Energy
>1 DCE
>4 Oddish
>3 Gloom
>2 Vileplume
>2 Venonat
>1 Venomoth
>1 Clefairy
>1 Clefable
>2 Scyther
>4 Jigglypuff
>1 Wigglytuff
>2 Kangaskhan
>2 Gust of Wind
>2 Bill
>3 Potion
>1 Pokemon Center
>1 Pokemon Trader
>1 Full Heal
>1 Professor Oak
>There you have it! My deck which I hope becomes widely used. It's like a
>Raindance, but with more healing and drawing cards (hence the Kangaskhan's,
>Bills, and Professor Oaks). Also, I'll tell you what the deck center's
>1. Wigglytuff
>Wigglytuff works well with drawing cards and the Oddish family, which
>me to my next centering:
>2. Vileplume
>This guy can do up to 120 damage for just 3 energy, finishing off Charizard
>and ending all those little kids who love Char. Well, not ending, more like
>making them like Vileplume. All you gotta do to change their mind is beat
>them once.
>3. Scyther
>Okay, so maybe he doesn't fit well in here, but he is like the heavy hitter
>of the group. I tend to try to get hime in my opening hand using some
>drawing cards.
>~ Personally, I think most of these cards go well together. They wouldn't
>work without the other's.

Hey, I saw this deck on the Dojo message boards under "Decks". You must be
Trompin64 right? My screen name's Blastoise7, bet you've heard of me.
Anyways, I like this deck. I wouldn't use 1 clefairy/fable though, clefairy
is kinda weak so you want more than one (if you want to evolve her/him),
either take out the double colorless to add one(one double colorless won't
help much) clefairy, or take out the clefable and add another double
colorless. You also want more trainers, and more full heals with vileplume,
I used to use one vileplume in my old deck and used 3 full heals, I'd take
out a jigglypuff, pokemon center, and oddish and put in three more full
heals. Okay, that solves the vileplume problem. You neem some more speed
too, so take out a gloom and pokemon trader and add 2 pokemon breeders. With
two glooms and two breeders, I'd say it's safe to take out another gloomand
add a computer search. If you wan tyou could take out a kangaskhan and
jigglypuff and experiment with another potion(since the theme healing(sounds
like it)). Also try to experiment with super potions, more bills, and more
plant pokemon.

Griffin Branham
Until next time..