>This is my Psychic/Fighting deck. I am kinda new at this, but I figured
>since their weaknesses are each other than it would be a cool deck. I
>been in any tourneys because there are none in this town. I have beaten my
>friends numerous times with this deck. Well here is my deck.
>13 Fighting energy
>13 Psychic Energy
>3x Gastly
>2x Haunter
>3 Abra
>2x Kadabra
>1x Jynx
>1x Mr. Mime (only got the one)
>1x Mewtwo
>3x Hitmonchan
>2x Jigglypuff (no Wigglys)
>2x Farfetch'd
>1x Chansey (only got one)
>2x Professor Oak
>2x Bill
>2x Computer Search
>2x Potion
>3x Gust of Wind
>1x Switch
>1x Pokemon Trader
>I don't have that many cards due to lack of funds, but I will eventually
>an Alakazam, more Mr. Mimes and some Wigglys. Any suggestions would be
>Thanks a lot.

Okay, don't use gastly and haunter, they really bite. Take out all of them
and add another bill, 3 energy removals and one super energy removal. Now
take out both potions and add a pokemon trader and another hitmonchan. Now
take out the mewtwo, it's pretty useless unless it's in mulli mewtwo...Okay
so with one slot open add an alakazam. Okay, I like the farfetch'd but they
just are'nt that effectrive anmore, remove both and add 2 pokemon breeders.
Try to get one more jynx in there by removing a gust of wind. Okay, well,
that's about it, see ya!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...