>fighting magmars
>its basicly anothere haymaker. The objecdt is to get either a syther for
>fighting poke'mon,magmar for grass pokemon,or hitmonchan for all others.
>I just made this deck so i havent been playing with it very much but i'm
>dying horibly.
>10 fighting
>10 fire
>4 double colorless
>4 hitmonchan
>4 sythers
>4 magmars (fossil)
>4 energy removals (so they can't touch me)
>2 super energy removals (so its even harder for them to touch me)
>4 pluss powers (to get that extra 10 damage for a kill)
>2 switches (so i dont need to waist enery)
>2 gusts of winds (to get the low hit point poeple out for a kill)
>4 bills (to get more cards)
>4 professor oaks (to get my hand back up to 7 cards)
>2 comp. surches (to get what ever i need at that time)
>please help me !!!!!

This decks look pretty solid. I would never use 4 scyhter/magmar/hitmo
though. I woul take out an oak, and add an SER. Now, take out a hitmonchan,
scyther/ and magmar and maybe add some chanseys and hitmonlee. Now, take out
an energy removal and bill and add two item finders. That's all you really
need, I played haymaker for about 2 months(I HATE it now, not enough
originality) and I know EVERYTHING about it.

Griffin Branham
Until next time...