>From: Ted Magnuson <tedmag@teleport.com>
>To: baseballace@hotmail.com
>Subject: pokemon deck
>Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:02:25 -0700
>Hello.  My deck is an energy removal deck it does pretty good but I am
>looking for some helpful ideas do you have any suggestions-
>4 poliwag
>3 poliwhirl
>2 poliwrath
>3 psyduck
>2 golduck
>3 dratini
>2 dragonair
>2 lapras
>2 super energy removal
>4 bills
>4 energy removal
>2 professor oaks
>1 item finder
>1 breeder
>18 water energy
>4 double colorless
>you can reach me at tommymag@hotmail.com
>I appreciate your help;-)
>p.s. who do you think will win the world series

Well, what I think about the World Series(I LOVE baseball) is that the
Yankees will win, personally, I HATE the Yankees, but they are a good team. I
think they'll play the braves, but, well, actually, the braves might win.
OVERALL, I like the redsocks best out of all four teams. But, on to your
deck, I REALLY like this deck, and think it is VERY solid. You did a good
job on not using singles, except for the item finder and breeder. Your okay,
on the one finder, but you want just one more breeder, take out a bill for
it. I can tell this deck is energy denial, I like those kinds of decks :).
That about all you need. See ya!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...