>                                        Blastoise Extreme
>    Hey man, I don't see any new decks from today so I'm not sure whether
>you're still doing this, but this is the thing on this deck.....
>    The trick to this deck is to get Blastoise out on the 2nd turn. Since
>he's the fastest dealor of major damage most decks fear him and put
>Electabuzz and junk in. This deck is centered around destroying Haymaker's.
>The average Haymaker annoyes Blastoise because it plays all 70HP Pokemon.
>This deck blastoise will rock on and destroy those non-creativity crackhead
>4 Squirtle
>4 Blastoise
>4 Chansey(to stall if I can't get the right cards)
>4 Plus Power (ko those evil electabuzz :-)
>4 Super Potion (Blastoise is stayin alive, stayin alive. this works as a
>great combo with raindance)
>4 Bill
>4 cpu search
>3 Oak
>4 Breeder
>3 Gust Of Wind (get around those pesky Mime's)
>2 Energy Retrieval (super removal Blastoise...... I dare ya! And gets back
>the energy from Super Potion)
>20 Water Energy (probably need more, but hey, I use five for each Blastoise
>    This deck is real fast and you can bet that on the second turn......
>that's when the game begins. See anything I may be lacking?

You want blastoise fully powered on turn 2? Add five more water energy, take
out 2 super potions, a chansey, a gust, and a bill. Now, you need more
basics, take out an energy retrieval and add a jigglypuff. This deck would
get single handedly shut-down by ONE mr mime. Now you have a protector
against him, just make sure you don't sacrifice jiggly
. You really don't need much more help. See you LATER!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...