Hello will you please help me on my fighting deck.  I just entered a
tournament and I did alright.  My deck is kind of slow, but once it gets
going it never stops.  Usually I try and get out a Machamp Or Clefable
because those are some of my best cards.  Here's the deck:

    Fighting Energy x23
    Dbl Colorless x2
    Clafairy x2
    Clefable x1
    Hitmonchan x2
    Machop x3
    Machoke x2
    Machamp x1
    Diglett x2
    Dugtrio x2
    Rattata x1
    Raticate x1
    Pidgey x2
    Jigglypuff x1
    Kangaskhan x1
    Rhyhorn x1
    Rhydon x1
    Farfetch'd x1
    Revive x2
    Imposter oak x1
    Energy Removal x2
    Pluspower x1
    G.O.W. x1
    Bill x1
    Prof. Oak x1
    Pokemon Center x1
    Potion x1
    Well that's my deck it is called TKO tell me if you have any

    Okay, well, I would NEVER use the rattata family, neither should you,
take em out and add another 2 bills. Then remove the pokecenter and the two
pidgeys and add another oak, another gust, and another energy removal. Now
take out imoster and a revives and add another diglett, and another rhyorn,
and rhydon. Then take out two machokes and add two breeders, that should set
the deck up, bye!

    Griffin Branham
    Until next time...