>Hi. I need some help with my deck. It does good but i think it can be
>It is called The Jungle.
>3 scyther
>3 koffing
>4 bulbasaur
>3 ivysaur
>3 venasaur
>2 computer search
>2 item finder
>3 energy removal
>3 super energy removal
>2 pokemon trader
>2 scoop up
>3 professor oak
>3 bill
>2 pokemon center
>20 grass energy
>2 double colorless
>I was thinkin i should maybe drop the scoop ups, or exchange the koffings
>pinsars. koffings automatic statis effect is good though. thanx for your
>time. bye.

Okay, this deck seems pretty cleam, except for the scoop ups, I personaly
would never use them in ANY deck with evolutions, so I would drop both of
them. It's kinda risky running three ivysaur with three venusaur and no
breeders, if one dies then one of your venusaurs is screwed, why don't you
use the open slots for breeders, then drop an ivysaur, because you would
then have 2 ivy/breeders with 3 venusaurs, which seems right. Now use that
open slot to add a gust of wind, they can really come in handy at times, and
then remove a professor oak, you really only need 2 in this deck, then add
another gust. That should do it on this deck, see ya all later, bye!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...