>it's raining gyaradoses is a rain dance deck that rain dances on to
>and kills with him.i get a blastiose and a gyarados out and recking havick
>them all.
>I have super potions and defenders to defend my helpless squirtles and most
>of all my magikarp. I have bills and professor oaks to get extra energy.I
>have gust of winds for easy kills and pluss powers for sertin pokemon i
>kill in one hit.I have computer searches to get what i need and some
>breaders to get blastiose faster.I also have a wartortle for the mews when
>comes out.
>please rate my deck
>25 water energy
>3 squirtles
>1 wartort
>2 blastoise
>4 magikarp
>3 gyarados
>4 bills
>2 professor oaks
>2 potions
>3 defender
>4 pluspowers
>2 poke'mon breeders
>3 computer search
>2 gust of winds
>thank you
>memo: i have a hard time with the haymaker deck submited several days ago,
>after he has added the scythers

Okay, to get rid of haymakers, try to make the deck faster by taking out the
three defenders (they really are useless, but I like the idea) amd add 2
more pokemon breeders and a squirtle. Now take out 2 gyarados and 2 magikarp
(they are UNSAFE with all th scythers running around) and add 4 jigglypuff
(your deck would get slaughtered by mr mime without th jigglys). Now take
out the potions and add 2 switches (you don't really need the potions
either). Now take out a plus power and add an item finde. You might want to
take out all plus powers and mess around with the energy removals.

Griffin Branham
Until next time...