>Hello. Sir, i would appriciate if you could help me with my deck. It is an
>unorthodox and ridiculously fast haymaker. It can handle all sorts of
>decks; it can take blastoises in one hit, it can kill all psycic in one
>hit, as well as most fighting and grass with psy weakness. It makes avent
>use of the movie promos. (Please dont flush my deck because of this, they
>are tournament legal in dci, i checked) You might not know what they do, so
>here is the stats for the 2 i use and one possiblity:
> Promo picachu
>50 hp
>1 electric: recharge. search your deck for an electric energy card and
>attach it to picachu. shuffle your deck afterwards.
>3 electric: thunderbolt. Discard all energy cards on picachu. 50 damage.
>weak to fight, 1 retreat
> Promo Mewtwo
>70 hp
>1 psicic: energy absorption. Choose up to two energy cards from your
>discard pile and attach them to mewtwo.
>2 psicic, 1 colorless: Psyburn. 40 damage
>weak to psi, 2 retreat
> Promo Electabuzz
>60 hp
>1 electric: Light screen. half all damage of attacks done to electabuzz
>2 colorless: Quick attack. (just like regular one)
>OK. (whew!) the deck.
>4 promo picachu
>4 promo mewtwo
>3 jynx
>3 (regular) electabuzz
>4 bill
>4 oak
>4 gust of wind
>4 super energy removal
>2 energy search
>2 scoop up
>13 psi energy
>13 electric energy
>my best combo of very few combos in this deck is to start with a mewtwo and
>have an oak and three psi in hand. drap a psi on the mewtwo, play all that
>i can in my hand, play the oak, and energy absorb the 2 discarded psicic.
>Qs to ponder:
> Do you think i have enough energy or too much?
> Is the promo electabuzz worth using?
> would raichus work?
> would swithces be better than scoopups?
>Thankyou for your time. I really appriciate it.

This deck is just on the verge of being perfect. You just have to much
energy and more card drawing power than you need, the problem is, I can't
think of what to add in once you take out some energy and an oak. Okay, I
got it, take out an oak, and add 2 comp search, then to make up for the
one-card over, take out an eletric energy. Now take out another electric and
a psy, and add another scoop up and a plus power. Now, take out the 2 energy
searches, and add another 2 plus powers. Okay, your deck should be working
great now.

Griffin B
Until next time...