>Hey Griffin, I made a new deck (again) that I need help with (again). Well
>is a Haymaker variant w/ out Hitmonchan because there are just to many
>*darned* pokemon with a resistance to him. It is mainly based on fast
>attackers, then you try to beat the compition to death in the later round.
>Well other then that it has normal haymaker strategy. PLEASE RATE THIS
>(sorry, to much sugar)
>Flaming-Shocking-Commet Puncher
>3xMagmar (Fossil)
>12xFire Eenrgy
>12xElectric Energy
>4xDouble Colorless Energy
>4xEnergy Removal
>4xSuper Energy Removal
>Well that's all. Please do rate my deck though, that is if you have time.
>Well thats all.

Your getting TOO good at making decks Rage161616. But, there are a few
things I would change. First, since this is a hay variant, you want to be
fast, but having 6 pokemon with a three retreat won't help much, drop 1
licktung and 1 kangaskhan, and add 2 scoop ups. You need 1 more scoop, so
take out an electric and a fire, and add the other scoop, and another
scyther. I gaurantee you you'll win that tourney tommorow, even if you ONLY
add the scoops. Email me as soon as you get back, and tell me what happened.
See ya!

Griffin B
Until next time...