>From: "kevin moody" <stupidcat@hotmail.com>
>To: baseballace@hotmail.com
>Subject: Please check out my deck.( please reply quick as you can(Reason is
>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:46:01 PDT
>here is the real deck please tell me how it is and please tell me how to
>fix it.
>Please answer as soon as possible i am going to try to play in a
>here goes the deck:
>                           *The Wet Dream*
>                             27 pokemon
>4 squirtle
>2 wartortle
>1 blastoise(big help in this deck pumping my pokemon up)
>3 dratini
>2 dragonair
>1 dragonite (good damage and good at keeping opponent from knocking        
>         out your pokemon with his step in ability)
>2 magikarp
>1 gyarados (high HP and good damage)
>2 seel
>2 dewgong
>3 poliwag
>2 poliwhirl
>1 poliwrath
>                 27 energy
>25 water energy
>2 DCE
>                 7 trainers
>1 recycle
>3 pokeballs
>2 potions
>1 energy retrieval
>Seems u like baseball by your name, whats your favorite team mine is the
>cardinals( runs in my family) anyway just wondering?

Well, I live in Seattle, so, naturally, my favorite team would be the
Mariners, they REALLY sucks though. On to your deck, the first thing I would
fix is your singles, you use to many of them, take out the recylcle to add
antoher blastoise. Now, drop the three pokeballs to add another magikarp,
another gyarados, and another DCE. Now, take out the dragonite, and add a
computer search. Drop the whole poliwrath line, and add another computer
search, 2 pokemon traders, 3 super energy removals, and another squirtle.
Okay, so now, remove the two potions and add 2 gust of winds. That should
get your deck running more smoothly...WAIT...I forgot, the bills and oaks.
Take out the enegy retrieval, and two water energy to add 3 oaks. Then take
out the dewgong line and add 3 bills and a gambler. BTW, I'd change the
title of the deck if I were you...