>   Hello GG. Let me first say that what you do is respectful. It takes many
>thoughts and hard work to do what you do and I thank you for taking your
>time with it. My deck is called Di-Bi-Psi and its main purpose is to defeat
>all opponents by stalling with haunters or gastleys and build up gengars
>and hypnos on the bench. I used hitmonchans for cards like chansey and
>electrobuzz who can get annoying with a psychic deck. I keep one basic
>haunter to cast dream eater if I ever get the chance. My mewtwos are there
>to destroy raindecks and take out alakazam. The reason I have 3 GOW's is to
>computer search for them, use curse and blow up a high HP pokemon. See if
>you cant tweek me up a bit.
>3 Fossil Gastly
>3 Haunter (2 fossil, 1 basic)
>3 Gengar
>3 Drowzee (I use these because you only have to evolve one stage to get
>hypno, and he is strong for a 1st stage pokemon)
>3 Hypno
>2 Mewtwo (basic)
>2 Mr. Mime (For those annoying scythers and stonger pokemon)
>3 Hitmonchan
>4 SER
>3 GOW
>2 Super potions (These are used because this deck has a few low HP pokemon)
>1 Professor Oak
>1 Computer Search (For those cards still in the deck that you need)
>7 Fighting
>20 Psychic

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE WITH SOME SENSE!!! I just went over about 23
decks, ALL of which SUCKED. WAY too bad to do reports on. This about the
only one in a page of 100 emails that actualyl has some sense in it. THANK
YOU!! Please people, tune your deck up a good as you can before you send it
to me. With school and all kinds of other stuff, I can't fix up decks with
one of everything! I DO do reports, but ones on decks that have SENSE.
Anyways, let's get started here - You need more fighting energy, drop both
basic set mewtwo's for 3 more fighting, that'll be enough with only 3
hitmos. Also, you want to avoid singles. Take out 3 psy energy and add
another comp searcg and another pro oak. Drop the two super potions and add
2 bills. Drop a hypno, and drop a gengar, add another bill and another comp
search. That should be enough. Meryr Christmas!!

Until next time...
Griffin B.

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